From September 21 to October 4, 2011 in Kiev gallery "36" (Andrew's Descent, 36) passed a new project "Fragments" of two young graphs - Kupkina Marina and Anastasia Melnikova. The exhibition was presented in the technique of etching miniprint. Mini-graph embodies the concept of the exhibition - the tiny plots, fragments of stained glass pieces as the whole.



From 16 to 30 March 2011 in the 'Promotion of Arts Development Fund, "an exhibition of Anastasia Melnikova and Kupkinoy Marina -" Interaction "
The exhibition featured works made in the technique of etching and the author's graphics.

Two artists, two graphs, whose interaction is felt in their work. The interaction of thoughts, images, symbols, and techniques. The constant search for truth and excellence.

The main theme of the robot is a man with his complex but interesting life. With the help of the artist's characters solve many problems of human nature. A sense of poetry as an integral part of man. Plexus and the interaction of Man and the lyrical perspective of feelings displayed in graphs and etchings of women artists. Celtic and Slavic ornamentation emphasizes skill and tenderness in the works.

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